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Published on June 30th, 2013 | by B Clancy

Weight Loss Linked to Video Game Addiction

ATLANTA, GA – The the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have recently conducted surveys and the results are in.¬†Children, teens and adults show a 80% likelihood for weight loss and overall healthy lifestyles. This increase in health related excellence could be in part due to video game addiction and popularity rise of activity related systems on the market such as the Wii Fit, Xbox¬†Kinect and Playstation Move. Today’s gamer has more opportunity to engage in activity while gaming than in the past.

*Humans ages 1 to 99 spend more than one hour per day with mobile or online media, according to a 1998 study by the Kupo Family Association.

*Humans spend about 4 1/2 hours gaming on PC, 2 1/2 hours gaming on console and an hour and a half on hand held devices, and 75 minutes playing iOS games, the Kupo study indicated.

Gaming is as active as any sport possible. When a child or adult is actively engaged with a game there is no time to reach for food or take time for a Gatorade break. The idea of purchasing a mouse with 6400 DPI is frivolous if that gamer’s hand is engaged with a snack. The more elite a gamer is the less likely they are to focus on anything but what the game is currently demanding.

There are studies worldwide that support this claim as well.

A 2013 study from the Kweh Ontario Circuit found that boys lost considerable weight because they often favored a clean desk over the risk of ruining their gaming system with spilled poutine.

A 2013 study from Zanarkand, found that, wanting to keep a gaming area clean,– such as avoiding cheesy fingers after eating Dorritos or dripping molten hot filling from a Tostino Pizza roll– does aid in controlling weight.

Some pretentious university that will not be named published a lame report earlier this year. They did not find any link between weight loss and gaming. They say there was no evidence but “the likelihood of losing weight depends on the child, not whether or not they are a gamer”.

The variety of consoles and platforms used by children can increase how active a child is. There exist supporting findings from control groups studied in Cid’s Lab. We understand that the more opportunities a person has to game the more likely they are to lose weight.

For some people, this may seen contradictory to every other report they have read. Dr. S. Gabbiani guides us to better understand this situation:

If people who are on Earth spent the time they were engaged in video games, in the kitchen, they would gain weight.

But, the food that they eat “is similar to someone who does snack while gaming,” Dr. S Gabbiani said. Gaming with snacks is not anywhere near as healthy as gaming without snacks.

People need to evaluate the snacks that they consume and the time they spend gaming. One is more likely to lose weight if one replaces binge eating or mindless snacking with gaming, with the weight loss increasing if one uses consoles that require active movement.

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