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Train Simulator 2013 Review: A Future Best Seller!

Train Simulator 2013 Review: A Future Best Seller! Gordon Baer
Gameplay - 100%
Graphics - 80%
Replay Value - 100%

Summary: Gameplay: How can you beat driving a train? Graphics: At times the graphics are too crisp. I found myself worried I was on an actual train. Replay Value: You are driving, trains! How can you ever get sick of that.


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We here as Mustache News recently got a chance to play hands on with what is sure to be a best selling game of 2013! Train Simulator 2013!

In Train Simulator 2013 you are tasked with driving a Railroad Train. There are a few exciting trains to choose from, including older style and newer high-speed trains. Having played only the 2013 version, we’d like to imagine that new versions are released after some impressive train-based draft picks out next years top contenders.

Once you have selected your train and the route you wish to drive (with such exciting options as Munich, Germany) you are put behind the controls of your very own train. You’ll be able to go forward, go backward, and even BRAKE! The last is very important, as once you are on your way you will be subjected to challenging speed limits. The excitement is so real, it’s like driving a car, but without the whole steering aspect. During your path you’ll need to stop at locations to load and offload passengers, which requires such skills as slowing down and coming to a complete stop, and hitting the “load/unload” button.

The challenge of the game comes from the point system. You gain points by showing up on time at your location, and lose points for going over the speed, attempting to move when people are trying to get on the train, or by making your train derail. There’s no ‘end game’ or ‘big boss’ like other tedious games have.  You just get an exhilarating adventure moving trains from point a to point b.

Don’t expect to be able to design your own tracks like some other rail ‘Sims’. Please forgive the pun, but this game is literally on rails.

New with this game is improved Steam integration, so you can download various DLC content including more tracks, more trains, and more fun! For example you can purchase last years train collection for a inexpensive $10.

That’s just about as much excitement as this particular Mustache News reporter can handle in one game. We are looking forward to Train Simulator 2014, with even more slow moving trains!

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