Published on September 16th, 2013 | by Mia Jane

The Xbox One: Everyone’s Personal Security System!

After the major controversy spinning around Microsoft and their plans for the Xbox One earlier this year, many people were left wondering what features will actually be present when the console hits store shelves. Answers started trickling in during the summer convention lineup. It appears that Microsoft has replaced its DRM and licensing features with a direct approach to safety and security for the consumer.

At PAX Prime 2013, Microsoft unveiled their newest feature for the Xbox One Kinect: the NSA Secure Monitoring Suite. The NSA SMS includes a mobility component; a set of wheels that will slide out of the Kinect so it can follow consumers throughout their homes. Consumers will feel safe knowing that Kinect will protect them from threats, even while they sleep. Going to the bathroom late at night will no longer be a cause for fright since the Kinect will follow you with a red night light to ensure proper night vision.

Although Kinect cannot leave your home, a new mandatory volunteer upgrade will allow it to monitor one’s surroundings on the go. Available during the first quarter of 2014, the Kinect Watch will seamlessly integrate with the NSA SMS installed on the Kinect at home. Anyone who has powered on their Xbox One at any time post-launch will be sent free Kinect Watches for the whole family. In addition, Microsoft plans to force-load an optional app for any smartphone within wireless range of a Kinect Watch. One will never be alone or unsafe again, with the Xbox One Kinect, from Microsoft.

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