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Published on July 8th, 2013 | by B Clancy

The Last of Us: Biggest Disappointment of the Year

You may stumble across a website that will rate The Last of Us as passing on an A to F scale but this is one game that proves sales don’t equate to quality. It may have sold 1.4 million copies within the first week but we here at Mustache News aren’t concerned with that.

It is not impressive for a variety of reasons. First, this is a “new” IP which as a term is annoying in of itself. When I heard “new IP”, I thought great….$60 for the game, with the potential for $20 or more in DLC and Altana knows how many more games they want to add on in their expansion goals. I have typically been fond of Naughty Dog and the Uncharted trilogy but my fan-girl moment ends there.

After we are over the IP issue, we have to deal with the fact that it is only for the PS3. If you want truly impressive numbers, why not offer it on at least one other platform? PC and Xbox gamers alike had enough disappointment at E3 this year to last until next year. It doesn’t make the game widely available and it doesn’t increase their revenue. Who wins? I guess Sony wins at the end of this as the console must be owned for this game. The rest of us PC, Wii and Xbox gamers are all Atari and no joystick.

We have to wonder, “what do we do now?” Well, with such disinterest in the game, should Naughty Dog try to revamp it by including hours of DLC or make a sequel? What is the Konami code of ethics for that? I don’t believe it is hard to spoil something that is bad, but it is a common consensus that after taking in the story, most people don’t give a shit if they make a sequel. That said, if it smells like a used game, is priced like a used game and plays like a used game, someone will buy it.

If we are calling ourselves gamblers though, I would bet that Naughty Dog is developing some sort of title for the PS4 as we speak, despite nothing being mentioned at E3. With the lackluster success of this new IP, they really do need to revamp the way they approach this type of game, and recoup some of their losses… maybe delighting gamers in the process. If they are developing a PS4 game, this gives us hope that anything related to The Last of Us will not be out for a long while.

If you were an unfortunate gamer who purchased The Last of Us, and already traded it in, how many people have you told not to play it? Do you want to see this game die a thousand times or fall into the oblivion of games we don’t admit to having played, or do we have this game all wrong?

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