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Study Finds That Women Also Play Video Games

A study completed by the University of Washington in Seattle, Wash. has released their findings today regarding gender identities among video game enthusiasts. The results, a surprise to all involved, find that women play video games at an almost equal rate as men. The study, which surveyed approximately 20,000 individuals among the attendees of the recent Penny Arcade Expo this past weekend was conducted by Dr. Michael Hechter, professor of sociology at the University of Washington and author of Social Norms (2005) and Theories of Social Order (2003). Among the researchers, Hechter claims to be the most surprised by the results. “It really is quite astounding. According to our findings, almost 50% of all video game users are female.”

A cursory Google search turns up a wealth of information regarding female gamers, but up until now, most researchers believed them to be “fake”. Dr. Stewart Tolnay, also a professor of sociology at UW explained the reasoning behind this. “There had previously been this long-held belief that women did not like video games, science fiction or Dungeons and Dragons. Those that claimed to do so on the Internet have been termed as ‘fake geek girls’. However, this study calls all of that into question. It’s too early to tell for sure, but it may turn out that geek girls are not, in fact, ‘fake’.”

Opponents to the findings can be found in droves all over Internet forums. One individual who goes by the Internet handle of mra-chief1995 posted the following on a popular Internet message board: “Everybody knows girls dont [sic] play games and any who claim they do are liars.”

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