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Published on August 26th, 2013 | by Chuck Finley

Steve Jackson Games Announces World War Z Dice

Steve Jackson Games has announced that it will be releasing its much anticipated new dice game, World War Z Dice. In a recent interview with Mustache News, Steve Jackson talked about the upcoming game.

“So a few months ago we were approached by Paramount Pictures about a collaboration and we thought it would be a perfect match. We spent the last two years developing the game alongside with scriptwriters for the movie to make sure we really captured the same excitement and complexity that is clearly present in every second of the film.”

The game involves each player shaking a cup containing 13 dice and randomly selecting 3 of them without looking into the cup and then rolling them. The faces of each die have either Infected, Helicopters, or Brad Pitts on them, with different coloured dice containing a different distribution on the die faces. The object of the game is to roll 13 Brad Pitts. If a player rolls 3 Infected, their turn ends and they lose the Brad Pitts they have accumulated on that turn. If the player rolls a Helicopter, that means that the player can re-roll that same die if they choose to continue rolling. A winner is determined if a player rolls 13 Brad Pitts and all other players have taken at least one more turn without reaching 13 Brad Pitts.

“We really wanted to step out of our comfort zone and create a new game that people can hopefully enjoy,” said Jackson. “We really believe we have a winner here and we think this winning formula can continue. We are already in discussions with Universal Pictures to create a new card game based on the much loved classic film Jurassic Park.”

We here at the Mustache News offices have been playing World War Z Dice and give it a rating of 9 Brad Pitts out of 10. You can find this game at the Steve Jackson Games booth at PAX and online/in-stores September 3rd.

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