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Skrillex Announces New Fitness Game Collaboration

Skrillex, the foremost pioneer in the genre of dubstep music, has announced that he’s entering into new fitness collaboration. The new partnership with Schwinn and EA will see the annoying sounds artist releasing a spinning video game, Dubride Spinstep. Skrillex gave an interview about the collaboration but had a hard time paying attention long enough to get more than a few quotes out:

“Yeah, there’s this thing called spinning where you just ride a bike in place to music and, yeah, evidently it’s where most dubstep music gets a lot of exposure. So, ya know, I thought it might be cool to do a collaboration… hey, is that a kitty?”

The game will feature an exercise bike that communicates wirelessly with the console of your choice. Players are charged with keeping the pace of the bike with the beat of the music. Unlike other music and exercise games, Dubride Spinstep may even require the player to ride backwards, side to side, or jump off the bike completely and pop and lock through special freestyle sections.

Many observers of the genre are surprised to see Skrillex so willing to do another fitness collaboration after his first project, a Zumba track, resulted in tragic consequences. In 2012, an entire class of Zumba Master trainers were learning the dance movements for the new track when they all simultaneously snapped theirs spines on a WUB-WUB that should have gone BLARRRRRRRG. Skrillex denied wrongdoing, and the wrongful death suit was ultimately thrown out when the judge decided just how silly the whole thing was. Whether he meant Zumba or Dubstep was left to our imaginations.

The game will be released late this year. Consistent with the new digital distribution model being implemented by both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4, anyone wishing the purchase the game will have to board a rickshaw blindfolded while the driver drives them to ten different covert wi-fi points, each of which holds 10% of the game. Then, the still-prospective owner will have to decipher a combination tongue-twister/sudoku puzzle to properly assemble the order form to request the spin bike.  Skrillex retains veto power over who gets a bike or not.

The retail version will also feature a Prestige edition, which will include copies of Rocksmith, Tony Hawk: Ride, and Ubisoft’s Battle Tag.

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