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Published on July 18th, 2013 | by B Clancy

Playstation Owners Happier than Xbox Owners on Twitter

Playstation owners tweet from the heart, Xbox owners from the head, according to a new study. The study held at Abeir-Toril State University utilized Twitter as a research device and compared the messages of Playstation and Xbox owners.

The results: When they have a 140 character limit, these students say Playstation owners are happier than their counterparts.
Two doctoral students in a game development program and their adviser analyzed the casual language of nearly 1 million tweets from more than 5,000 active Twitter users to come up with their findings, which were published in a recent quarterly newsletter.

The group of students pinpointed the test subjects by finding Twitter users who followed five trending popular people. In the case of Playstation owners, those select five were Andrew House, Jack Tretton, Shuhei Yoshida, Guy W. Longworth, and Boo the cute Pomeranian dog. In the case of Xbox owners, the 5 feeds included Ron Swanson, Bill O’Reilly, Andy Rooney, Lewis Black and Tard, the grumpy cat.

With the help of a third party program, the researchers found that Playstation owners tweet more often and include words that reflect their positive gaming experience, amazing game system and anticipation of future gaming opportunities. That is not to say that Xbox owners don’t use these words as well, but they out-tweet Playstation owners when it comes to needing internet QQ.

Playstation owners, as was discovered, are more likely to use acronyms like “FTW,” “GG,” “Woot,”  “Ding,” “PvE,” and “Grats.” Xbox owners win when it comes to using acronyms like “FML,” “FTL,”  “PWN,”  “WTF,” “IAMF,” “BAF,” and “PKKK,” said Lidda Halfling, one of the students behind the study. This sort of acronym analysis can’t account for sarcasm-word choices, Halfling and her fellow students admit. An analytic gamer (Xbox) is more likely to be more coordinated or engaged, for example, whereas an intuitive gamer (Playstation) is guided by leisure and comradery.
Based on there being no other studies, these students have determined that analytical thinking may “more than likely have a detrimental impact to the overall gaming experience.” In addition to this, Playstation owners say they are often “Happy and excited” to interact with their fellow gamers and are often displaying obvious signs of glee.

The end conclusion, Halfling skyped over a conversation, is “not that owning a Playstation is associated with more happiness per se, but that Playstation owners are simply more happy.” “If we can understand why Playstation owners are so much more happy (e.g. E3 announcements), ideally we can use those events to increase happiness for Playstation and Xbox owners alike.”

But this Twitter study didn’t go over well with everyone.

After reading the results of this study on the Abeir-Toril State University website, Bill O’Reilly, a generally grumpy person, called it “Dumb and unfounded” and based on “irrelevant sources.” He wrote, “the end suggestion for dumb people is ‘Xbox owners are unhappy people.’ How do you quantify ‘happiness’? How do you quantify analytical thinking’?” “Even if they acknowledge possible biased twitter users in their study, the students still use ridiculous terms like “Elistist Xbox owner,” he added. “This study suffers from the same negative stereotype about Xbox owners that most people who watched the E3 Microsoft announcements have, and it has simply reinforced that mocking behavior towards Xbox and Xbox owners.”

Halfling, who is a self-proclaimed Xbox owner, said in hindsight she wishes they hadn’t used the word “QQ” and that no ill will was intended. They simply wanted to describe those who had “extremely poor gamer conduct” when it comes to the Xbox vs Playstation debate. “I am a friend of Xbox owners! My response to O’Reilly would be that he should apply the “potatoes gonna potate” when considering why he is sad the grass isn’t greener on his side (i.e. that it’s possible we are superior) she wrote in an IM to Mustache News.

“This is not an assumption; this is a proven fact in tweets.”

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