Published on September 2nd, 2013 | by Trapper A. Collins

On the PAX Trail: Day 4

Much like everything else in life, there must be an end. Otherwise, you’ll be burnt out from it and possibly develop a crippling addiction to lemons; PAX is no exception to this.  In fact it’s a perfect example of too much of a good thing. I felt some sort of relief when I checked out of my hotel and hailed a cab to take me to the airport.

It was still early in the morning of the final PAX day. While there were still lingering vapor trails of PAX to experience, I was done. Even though I wanted to catch a few more panels and take another pass at the Expo hall, I was burnt out and possibly still drunk. The sleep deprivation caught up to me, my body ached, and despite being a fairly social person, I was numb and wanted alone time. Granted I had been having a craving for prune juice and complaining about the damn kids these days so it may just be old age kicking in.

The cab driver had tried to make conversation, asking about PAX, but he quickly took the hint to shut up when I replied only with tired grunts. I snapped into focus when we arrived at the airport. After paying the exorbitant fee and hauling my luggage out of car, I made my way through airport security and found a cozy spot in the bar. As I ordered a whiskey, I reflected upon the past weekend of geekery, whiskey, and camaraderie.

PAX culture, for the most part, was open for everyone to have fun, socializing and indulging in boundlessly enthusiastic geekery. However, there was one caveat to this: everybody’s PAX experience will be different. Some may enjoy roaming around and trying a little bit over everything. Some may spend most of their time in the Expo hall and going to panels. Some may even do nothing but maintain a solid  buzz all weekend during PAX and take in a geek-themed donkey show. Regardless of how PAX is done, there is no real “right way” to do it. Every PAX experience is unique unto the PAXer.

My whiskey arrived and I downed it in one gulp.  Another successful PAX.

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