Published on September 16th, 2013 | by Gareth Busenson

Nintendo of America Stunned over Wii Fit Announcement

Following the announcement of Wii Fit’s upcoming iOS and Android release this October by Nintendo’s UK branch, Nintendo of America has released a press statement expressing “shock and disbelief that Mr. Kemp would act without the company’s consent”. NoA’s Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Cynthia Gordon, issued the press statement shortly after Simon Kemp, Nintendo UK’s general manager, made the announcement last Saturday.

“I have no idea what would possess Mr. Kemp to authorize a new direction for the brand with no permission from Nintendo’s corporate office, much less come to the US to announce it right under our noses. He must be insane”, Ms. Gordon told Mustache News Network. “We are simply stunned that Mr. Kemp is diluting our brand this way. This will seriously hurt sales of the Nintendo D.”

Nintendo of America’s press statement goes on to state that Mr. Kemp is no longer allowed to bring his own smartphone to work, citing “excessive Angry Birds sessions on the clock as a likely influence on [his] judgment in this matter.”

For more information on Wii Fit, the Nintendo D, and the rest of Nintendo’s holiday lineup, stay tuned to Mustache News.

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