Published on July 17th, 2013 | by Gordon Baer

Microsoft: Bring Back My DRM!

There’s nothing better than some extra DRM being thrown into that nifty new movie, music CD, MP3, or video game you’ve downloaded. It’s is truly a present from the studio, and you don’t even have to pay extra for it. I don’t understand those who say that corporate greed is rampant, they are obviously not buying the same media I’m buying.

I loved the Sony DRM of the 90s. Root kits burnt onto CDs so you couldn’t rip them to your computer. Thank you media moguls for making sure I didn’t do anything illegal with my CD, like rip myself a backup copy. It’s thoughtfulness like this that I believe is behind the heart of every executive, DRM developer, and even the guys who put those 20 layers of cellophane over my DVD purchase.

So you can understand why I’m mad that Microsoft has given in to pressure from those uninformed people out there and removed its plans for better DRM features in the Xbox One. The big shots at Microsoft had really thought everything through and put into play a fully functional DRM system. With their policies, they’d make sure I didn’t burn copies of games, since there weren’t any games to really burn copies of, but more importantly they’d make sure I couldn’t sell those games to my friends once I was done. I can’t even count how many times I have sold a game, got $30 in hand and immediately went “damn, I just took money from those developers I already paid $60 to. I shouldn’t have done that!” Microsoft would have received a big thank you card from me for clearing up those restless nights. Even better, Microsoft would make sure that every time I try to lend a game to a friend I remember that I’m taking money away from… someone.

These features also would have prevented me from playing my games when I didn’t have available internet. I don’t know about our readership, but I think this would have been an improvement. Who ever plays games offline? The NES and SNES didn’t have online features, and we all saw how that went. Those were both major failures and only served to hurt the gaming industry. Also I loved the idea of using the clouds! I love clouds. There’s nothing better on a beautiful spring day than laying on the ground and staring up at the clouds, trying to decide if that cloud looks like a crocodile or a unicorn.

So I say to Mr. Gates and Mr. Ballmer, give me back my DRM! I will not be happy until you make sure I don’t do anything illegal like try to treat my game as if I actually own it.

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