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Published on June 9th, 2014 | by Burt Stone

Microsoft at E3: Xbox One Media Center

After the recent boost in consumer interest from Microsoft’s announcement of the Xbox One without Kinect at a price point of $399.99, Microsoft has decided to take it one step further. Our sources tell us that Microsoft is now planning on launching a new model of the Xbox One, which will remove all gaming capabilities from the game console. This new model is said to cut another $100 off the price, landing this model as the cheapest of the next gen consoles at a mere $299.99.

Our sources tell us Microsoft views the recent surge of interest as an indication of what the consumers want: a media system. The positive feedback behind the removal of the Kinect has apparently really surprised Microsoft, enlightening them that what the buyers truly value is the console’s incredible media capabilities and not the ability to play games.

Sources inform us that the “Media Center Edition” as it’s being called, will be announced sometime during E3 2014, set to take place June 10-12th. The new console will have the ability to stream music, movies, and pictures from any Windows 8 based PC on the same network, as well as play older media like CDs, DVDs, and the more recently obsoleted Blu-Ray. Will Microsoft’s prediction of a gameless video game console be accurate? We can only wait and see. We will report further during this upcoming E3.

Xbox One Image Courtesy of Xbox Wire

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