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Published on July 26th, 2013 | by Trapper A. Collins

John Romero’s Magnum Opus Sees Re-Release

John Romero, a figure that hasn’t been a much of a figure in the video game industry, is over the moon. Following the founding of his new game company, Rocketspace Games, the team released an updated version of Daikatana, much to the surprise of the entire video game industry.

During a private developers party at PAX East, Romero slurred out that he had founded a new game company and planned to release something big soon. The attendees wrote it off as beer talk and joked openly about it. Well, they aren’t laughing today as Daikatana has been released for all major platforms including iOS and Android devices. Romero explained his motives at a press junket a few weeks after the surprise release:

“ Having been inspired by the release of Duke Nukem Forever, we felt that it was time for the gamers of today to experience a piece of FPS history,“ said Romero as he lit a Cuban cigar with a one-hundred dollar bill, “to better maximize the awesomeness of this piece of history, we decided release it on all platforms.”

When it was released back in 2000, Daikatana was a critical and commercial failure. It was used as an example of how to drive a company into the ground. Following it’s release, Romero faded from the spotlight. Until now. The re-release has been a huge hit within the game community, with mods being made. A fan-made machinima, Daikatana: The Return, is currently in production.

Romero was excited over the success of Daikatana and how well it is doing. With this new-found success, Romero has plans in the works for a free-to-pay MMO as well as a collectible card game.

“ Our goal is to make games that are fun based on the Daikatana brand and make gamers our bitch!”

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