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Published on July 24th, 2013 | by Timothy McDowell

Eve Online Makeover

Today the Council of Stellar Management announced several new proposal’s that they have passed and have been presented to CCP for EVE Online. Over the past year, many players have thrown their ideas on the block for discussion and the following are what have survived:

  • Auto AI Mining Drones – For when you can no longer stay awake at the keyboard, launch these new drones to continue your ice mining!
  • New Vacation Cruise Line vessel – Start your own cruise line! Sell a 7 day 6 night cruise from Jita to the Deltole system to see Yan Jung Ruins with port of calls on the way.
  • Rework of the cloning system – With the number of new players that have come from WoW, the cloning system is causing to much mental anguish. We have proposed various changes to make it a bit less painful upon death.
  • Economic reset – After the years of isk sellers and ice miners, the inflation is on a runaway train. We propose a reset of the economy. This would have many benefits including bringing everyone back onto a somewhat level playing field.

Reception by CCP has been positive and talks are progressing.

“Seeing these suggested changes was a pleasant surprise,” stated CCP Spitfire. “We have talked about a few of the items over the years but always felt that these would be changes that the player base would want. And now we see they do want it and we just need to develop a smooth plan.”

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  1. David says:

    Yay WOE! (World of Eve)

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