Published on August 31st, 2013 | by Mike Oxworthy

Color-Blind Judge Declares Wrong Winner at Omegathon

SEATTLE – It was a harrowing end to a very close competition. At the final bracket of Omegathon round 2, the winner wasn’t entirely clear. The competition at PAX Prime 2013 had thus far been very fierce. More often than not they were relying on the judges to declare a winner. This was no different. The numbers were revealed, and what was declared didn’t match what was seen on screen. In an odd twist, the Enforcer responsible is colour-blind, and the call was made based on the striking similarity between the red and purple used by either team.

Will this unfortunate turn of events affect the up-coming Omegathon rounds? Is red/purple colour-blindness even a thing? We’ll have more on this as events unfold.

Editor Update: Language changed to reflect the views of this organization.

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