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Published on July 4th, 2013 | by B Clancy

Turbo Tunnel Level in Battletoads Getting Easier

TOKYO, JAPAN – Recently the president and CEO of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, said that he was caused pain, enjoyment, and sorrow in response to a question asked by a fan about how games have increased in difficulty over the years, and how that may lead to rage by gamers that are 25+ years old.
Firstly, Iwata agreed that games are indeed harder now, and he confirmed that the trend could be why some games are as strong as they are. To defend the difficulty increase over time, Iwata pointed to tests conducted that show an increase in ability while gaming.

“It comes as a shock to 100% of everyone that anyone could finish the Turbo Tunnel in the original Battletoads game on the NES,” he said. “We have conducted this test repeatedly to see if we should be making games harder and our results find that people finish this level with increased ease every year.” Currently, an astounding 90% of participants can finish this level with at least one life remaining.

He went on the say that most were able to understand the simplistic game mechanics such as lift and toss, or that the female was not to be married, and the concept of falling to your death. About 70% passed the level on their first try and half of those passed with ease more than once (some of us went our entire childhood never passing once!).

Don’t worry, those walls are only there for show, you won’t crash and burn as long as you avoid them! Participants who played said that they wish that it was harder, and that Battletoads should include more than one race level or make it harder without a partner. All participants were certain the game was old because it was entirely too easy compared to today’s gaming standards.

If we can put on our “old person” hat for a moment: What is it that makes gaming kids amazing these days? Battletoads was an impossible to beat game when it came out. Saying that you beat Battletoads got you labeled as a liar so beating the first level alone is ridiculous and suggesting that the game should be made harder instead of taking your victory in stride is offensive to anyone who was in their gaming prime in the late 80s and early 90s.

All anger and laughter aside, this is an awesome state for the gaming community at large and Nintendo specifically. Iwata, to his credit, sounded just as amazed as everyone else. “As the CEO, you are ecstatic to know your games are a little bit harder in order to appeal to more people,” he told those at the press conference. “As an old school gamer, you might feel happy that someone is able to beat multiple levels in this game, and you should be. It’s awesome.” Certainly.

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