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Mystery Interrupter Causes Chaos At PAX Panel

Visitors to the annual Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle are still reeling from a shocking outburst at the Paramount Theater during a “Make a Strip” panel with Penny Arcade’s Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins on Monday. A contact from Penny Arcade, under condition of anonymity, gives her account of the strange affair:

“One of the fans was asking Mike a question about the evolution of his character designs over the years when a man in the upper balcony yelled something about having his seat taken. He was dressed in a black cape and a Zorro hat, I think. He seemed pretty upset.”

Other attendees we interviewed claim the seat, which the man yelled about, was box five, a luxury seating box on the stage-right wall. Krahulik dismissed the disgruntled fan’s comments in his trademark vulgar style as Enforcers closed in on the man. However, those nearby say the mysterious man escaped into the crowd and the Enforcers in pursuit came up empty handed. Men in costumes really aren’t all that unusual at PAX, making his flight much easier.

Krahulik continued to draw his comic once the disturbance had subsided, but immediately found himself unable to hold his pen steady, due to tremors he attributed, laughingly, to compensating for the four-day expo with more caffeine. Robert Khoo, business manager for Penny Arcade, immediately came on stage to try to calm Krahulik. Witnesses from the front row say that Holkins had steadily grown pale and had ceased his normally witty banter.

In a Mustache News exclusive, we have learned from our anonymous source that what happened backstage is a different story entirely.

“As soon as he started shouting, Khoo started running through the PA staff backstage, looking for Katie Rice (the winner of reality web series Strip Search). He was muttering to himself over and over, ‘He wants her to make a strip. We should have listened to the letters.'”

Our source was unwilling to tell us any more, saying she had “already said too much”.

Once Khoo was on stage, his supposed search for Rice apparently in vain, he announced that the panel would have to be cut short and promptly left the stage with Krahulik and Holkins, both deathly silent, leaving attendees to file, confused, from the theater.

The strange events have left many questions for PAX attendees. Who was the rude caped interrupter who had caused the PA staff so much distress? And perhaps, most importantly, what are the letters Khoo was referring to? We may never know.

UPDATE: We received a report that a large-screen TV fell over on an attendee, following the closing ceremony. We are currently working to verify these claims.

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