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Published on August 5th, 2013 | by B Clancy

Invention: Finger-Tip and Wrist Protecting Glove

Canadian Company creates world’s first finger-tip and wrist protecting glove… but will it really work? Products designed to make PC gamers and console users comfortable or protected show promise in studies. Finally, a line of gloves has been created that will protect console and PC gamers against the issues of sore finger tips and even CTS.

Is this even possible?

Two Canadian businessmen believe that the gloves they created, Gamer Arms Maintaining Ease, (notably designed with help from a middle school science fair project) will protect the most important gaming appendages.

If this is true, it is great news, coming after decades of people have dealt with sore finger-tips (mainly the thumb) and CTS after day and weekend long raiding schedules. Only time can tell if these gloves and other GAME products (wrist guards, gel skins to cover console controllers), will serve as a protective barrier between the gamer and the devices needed for their game.

One of the gloves is gel lined and designed to make the gamer practically invisible to the controller. Another glove is made of a mesh material which allows skin to breathe and wicks away any sweat that may cause additional friction. One series of tests, deploying adults with the gloves, involved 8-hour long MMO raids. The long raid times were no match to the gloves used.

This shows promise, but hardcore gamers are not casual with their peripherals. They are their own worst enemies in terms of the stress they place on their wrists and finger-tips. More testing will be done in the next few months in Toronto and Seattle.

Alus Restor, one of the middle school entrepreneurs, said demand is very high.

“Everyone is looking to avoid discomfort; everyone is nervous about the long term negative effects of gaming on their body,” he said.

The Canadian based project isn’t alone in its desire to test out products that help gamers. Gloves that emit pulses to keep the wrist and hand active are highly sought after. A small company has recently taken the idea of a wrist guard and implemented it into a band for the arm so it can be used whether a gamer is at their PC or AFK.

The band company claims on its website that “the individual wrist guards available are personalized, therefore very convenient for gamers no matter where they are using their wrists, ensuring that they will have increased protection.”

The company does not promise that customers won’t develop CTS, which is smart. Especially considering gamers may use their wrists daily in many settings where the wrist guard can’t be used.

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