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Published on August 5th, 2013 | by B Clancy

Fez II Reinstated after Myspace Therapy Session

Celebrities and their use of social media to medicate their issues are nothing new… but sometimes social media can help revive the dead. Over the weekend an Indie developer, Phil Fish, turned to Myspace to ruminate over Twitter hostility and mediate with involved parties. The conclusion was that he would continue on with the development of Fez II.

This is great grapevine word of mouth he-said she-said secondhand information, after word was spread of fighting words Marcus Beer used during GameTrailer’s Invisible Walls. Both parties agreed that they will disagree about how they feel regarding the reversal on Microsoft’s Xbox Indie game rules for publishing.

“Folks,” he said. “I take back what I said about you guys and the ones who are responsible for Indie Game: the Movie. You look great; fantastic even. You have everything you deserve and I am happy for you. You have the success everyone could enjoy as an ‘indie’ game designer; congrats. I really should chose my words better, because I sound condescending sometimes and I have to work that out. I am happy for you, even if you are hipsters.”

Beer’s backhanded apology seemed a bit empty with Fish, but his request for an apology on Twitter was answered so he figured a beggar couldn’t be a chooser. The public apology from Beer prompted Fish to reinstate the recently canceled Fez II, then reactivate his Twitter profile. Since this has happened, Fish has reached out to his fans and posted from Polytrons development studio: “FEZ II LIVES! I am back. Here is the money, keep it. My absence was for too long, this is where I belong. This one thing was too much but I am back and better than ever and you can win the battle but I will win the war!”

Fish has not publicly announced that he is back but Mustache News is the network that has the word on the “virtual street”.

Fez was the puzzle/platform game at the center of “Indie Game: The Movie,” a 2012 documentary. The fan base for this game and documentary is far and wide with the popularity from Xbox Live Arcade and Steam. Horizon had revealed its development during an indie game event that happened at the same time as E3.

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