Published on July 18th, 2013 | by Gordon Baer

Big Box Retailers Now Offering At-Home Medical Service

Surprising all of us at Mustache News, a popular big box retailer began providing at-home medical service along with its successful at-home computer repair and media center setup services.

According to a spokesperson, “we’ve already got a fleet of ‘geeks’ going out to people’s houses fixing expensive home computers, so we figured this was just a natural progression of our service. In the past, doctors have provided a similar service, which they referred to as ‘house calls’. We have simply filled in the void left by the absence of house call physicians.”

Mustache News recently went to the local Springfield store and interviewed Johnny, a newly promoted “MedGeek Team” member. When asked what qualifications Johnny had he answered, “well when I first started a year ago I was stocking CDs and DVDs in the media area. After a month or two they promoted me to fixing computers. I’ve been here almost 6 months now, so it seemed like a great promotion. They are paying me 50 cents more per hour, plus I get to cut out the occasional appendix!”

Local resident Mary Beth Smith told our reporters about her recent appointment. “First they cured my daughter Suzy of her recent pneumonia, then they fixed my computer. Two viruses removed during one appointment!”

The local medical board, when asked for a comment on this radical change that could cause a shakeup in the local medical community, responded with: “wait. What are they doing?” Unfortunately any additional comment was lost, as we were disconnected and further attempts to reach the board met with busy signals.

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