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Published on August 22nd, 2013 | by B Clancy

Bathing While Gaming – Can It Hurt?

Can bathing while gaming harm you?

This was something recent gamers had on their minds after a woman posted on Reddit that she was electrocuted while bathing with her console. Reports from the local hospital show that Serah Farron was unresponsive and stunned when she arrived. After some My-Little-Pony Band-Aids, she was later brought back to her kitchen for juice and goldfish crackers

“We are very sad to learn of this terrible accident and offer our apologies to her. We will fully investigate and work with authorities on these issues.” The water company said in a statement sent to Mustache News and other outlets.

This development brings to light the important issue of safety while gaming and bathing. Millions of gamers own consoles, and it’s likely that those same gamers also bathe. Experts expect that the probability of someone being electrocuted by a console while the gamer is bathing with the console is quite high. For one, the act of bathing requires the faucet to actively run water whether it is from the shower head or faucet.

“We have seen very few incidents related to shock or electrocution (from game consoles),” Said Celes Chere, communications director for the Canadian Consumer Safety & Protection Agency. “Most of our attention has been on red ring of death, smoke, or fire.” Some gaming PCs utilize more power compared to any of the consoles on the market currently. “Stick to gaming outside of the bathroom with a keyboard if you use your PC.”

No one is really sure if the issue was with the shower or console Serah was using, but her brother said that the shower was used by the entire family from the time they moved in so it was less than 15 years old. Mixing showers with gaming food and gaming drinks is another safety issue. Serah posted that she had been consuming a name brand energy drink at the same time she was trying to game and shower. Condensation, water and soda can all conduct electricity and increase the likelihood of electric shock.

Typically, water companies are off the hook when it comes to electrical shock because it is usually resident negligence or error. An overload to the system, frayed power cords or faulty home wiring can all have negative effects or promote an environment for shock.

Chere said Canadian consumers have reported 2 cases of consoles catching fire while gaming and showering at the same time. When it comes to gaming safety, most issues stem from the electricity needed to run the games in question, she said.

“This is not a week to shower with your console for hours on end,” said Chere referring to body temperatures and the summer heat across the globe. “Still,” she said, “It is not as common as you think so we don’t think there is a need to teach special safety practices to be used while gaming if you use common sense.”

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  1. RGB says:

    I would be curious to read a companion piece on the incidence of handheld gaming related electrocution incidents. Is it safe to play my ds in the tub? What about the shower? Animal Crossing time is precious, and I would rather not interrupt it to bathe.

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